I'm also interested in teaching and sharing my thoughts about UX, visual design, micro-interactions, and design in general.


Interview video clip @Breakers, 2018
한계를 부수는 이야기

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Interview video clip @AllaboutAD, 2017
광고의 모든것, 피키캐스트, 태용

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People in Sillcon velly @EtNews, 2017

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How we work in US @Dongailbo, 2017

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I'm the one here @KoreanTimes, 2016

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How Capital One reimagined the bank @KoreanTimes, 2018

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Change banking for good @KoreanTimes, 2018

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All one in US @Kotra, 2017

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I'm Kyo, a product designer based in SF Bay Area.

Currently @ Lyft

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I'm Kyo Kim, a proactive product designer who loves storytelling, presentation and everything about design. I'm equally comfortable starting the design process from scratch as maintaining products throughout their lifecycles. I believe delightful experiences come through the understanding of a whole system of the product as well as the great collaboration with XFL partners. Also I love sharing my knowledge and experiences through mentoring and public speaking -- and sometimes even the media.

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Behind the Design

This interview includes short story about my career transition from film to product design, my design process from kickoff to launch of project to request a ride for others, and more!

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Forming right UI animation

For a product to offer its users a delightful experience, it must offer more than aesthetically-pleasing design and impressive animation effects.

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